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For those who possess Japanese proficiency test level N1, N2 or N3 and for those who actually want to work in the Japanese companies in Myanmar, all you have to do is to fill up the CV form posted on our website and submit it right away. Our consultants will introduce the most suitable job for you.

There are excellent job opportunities in Japanese companies, residences and restaurants in Yangon or other job offers with the Japanese community or employers in Yangon. We are also going to seek other vocational or professional jobs directly for you or after you have completed proper training with our affiliated vocational school.

With the introduction of new Foreign Investment Law, Rules and Notifications, many relaxations and business opportunities have been specially created by the authorities for the foreign investors. With the speedy influx of foreigners and huge foreign investment, we could anticipate more and more job opportunities for Myanmar nationals. The Japanese, out-numbering the other foreigners, are coming here increasingly and continuously for one business or another. It is quite evident that the Japanese companies or factories will be in full swing in Yangon in the very near future. They will be always in urgent need of more skilled workers, unskilled workers, technicians, drivers, cooks, kitchen helpers, and gardeners.



1.Client company agrees to provide ARIMA TECH with client's information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

2.Client also agrees to submit the details of the necessary employee to be recruited regarding salary, wages, O.T., days off , holidays and other additional perquisites, benefits and job specifications.

3. ARIMA TECH must provide Client with candidates to enable the Client to do the best selection.

4. When the client has satisfactorily completed the selection, client shall enter an employment contract with selected candidate and employee starts working.

5. Client agrees to pay150% or 1.5 times of the employee's monthly salary as a service charge which needs to be paid to Stage Line one week after the employment.

6. If employer or employee terminates the employment contract during the one-month probation period, a single time replacement will be made by ARIMA TECH without service charge.

7. The Client has thoroughly read and understood the above conditions and terms and set his hands on this contract and sign it in full agreement of the above conditions & terms.

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