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Jobs in Japan

We have also duly reveived an official Human Resource License from the Ministry of Labour that will enable us to seek appropriate jobs for you in Japan. We are going to provide our excellent and outstanding services for you to get the most suitable overseas job in Japan. We carefully seek the placement of overseas jobs in Japan both in the fields of skilled and uskilled labourers. Our specialized skill in human resources and our trustworthy links in Japan will make locating Jobs in Japan much easier. And at the same time, our CEO and Corporate Adviser who has stayed in Myanmar for fifteen years is an experienced expatriate in this connection.

As the regular jobs, any qualified person with proficiency in Japanese Language can have the following white collar jobs in Japan.

Administrative and Management Jobs
Accounting and auditing Jobs
Secretarial Jobs 
Engineering Jobs at different levels 
Various jobs at Travel and Tour Companies and Organizations. 
Jobs at the Japanese Hotels 

As the blue-collar workers, you are entitled to take up the appropriate posts in the following categories and sectors.

Farming and agricultural workers
Cold Storage workers
Food processing factory workers
Workers in Fisheries
Workers in Forestry
Workers in Garment factories
Workers in Food Production factories
Workers in Confectionery and Bakery
Workers in Publishing Houses and

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