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Specification for Overseas Jobs


Alll of you are enthusiastically welcome to Arima Tech Company Limited where you can enjoy many golden opportunities. Many apprentice jobs are available for all of you in the following fields in Japan. You can specialize and take up any apprentice jobs you prefer, on probation.

• Farming, agriculture and horticulture

• Cold Storage and sea-food processing

• Construction, carpentry, masonery

• Fisheries and Forestry

• Garment and stuffed toys factories

• Food processing factories

• Confectionery and Bakery

• Publishing, book-binding &

• Others

In addition to the above apprentice, the regular jobs in Japan are waiting for you in administrative , managerial, accounting, secretarial and human resources field for the qualified candidates.

• Administration and Management

• Accounting and auditing

• Secretarial Jobs

• Engineering

• Travels and Tours

• Hotels and Restaurants

• Information Technology


Current Job Offers

Accountant 2 Female USD $ 2000 ~ 2500 Tokyo
Customer Service & Counseling Staff 1 Female USD $ 1800 ~ 2000 Sendai


For unskilled workers, we are currently expecting the official demand letter for farming workers.

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