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ARIMA TECH Company Limited was established in March 20 , 2012 and received its license No. 4518 of 2011 - 2012 from the Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development ( MNPED ).

Moreover ARIMA TECH Company Limited extended its overseas employment services under the license No. 153 of 2012 – 2013 from the Ministry of Labour , Union of Myanmar.

ARIMA TECH Company Limited also had a Trading license No 195 of 2012-2013 from the Ministry of National Planning, and Economic Development (MNPED).


In 2012 the total number of the Yangon Japan Club members staying in Myanmar and desiring to do business in Myanmar amounted to round about 250. However, the comparative statistics doubles, coming up to 500 in 2013. More and more Japanese investors are likely to come in later part of 2013.Total number of Japanese entrepreneurs outnumbers all combined total of other foreigners coming here for foreign investment.

Our objectives of the company are to upgrade and enhance the Myanmar people's qualifications, introduce them to all possible trustworthy job opportunities in japan and to let the young ones in Myanmar enrol at the various standardized Japanese school at different levels for their education.

ES4E Language and Training Centre is the sister company of Stage Line company limited. It is a special training centre for Japanese languages which include special curriculum of Japanese culture,habit,style of living and etiquette. At the same time,course fees are very inexpensive and competitive to meet the needs of young people.

Our ARIMA TECH Company is affiliated with the Stage Line Company in Japan and became of the cooperation and co-ordination between Stage Line Japan and Stage Line Myanmar, job opportunities become more distinctive and attractive.

We therefore warmly welcome all Myanmar people who have the burning desire to explore all possibilities of seizing job opportunities and taking up language and vocational training course in Japan.


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